AC & Heat Repair

AC & Heat RepairWhether it’s a hot summer day or a snow-filled winter, we here at Allman’s Automotive want you to be comfortable when driving your car around Groveland. If your car’s AC is not working as well as it used to, see us for a professional opinion on how to fix it. We are the automotive professionals of Groveland MA.

Auto AC Repair in Groveland MA

Keeping cool all summer long is one of the best things since sliced bread. No one likes to sweat unless you are purposefully in a sauna, so why be uncomfortable when you’re driving around? If your auto AC is on the fritz, see Allman’s Automotive, we have experienced automotive technicians that are able and willing to get your car’s AC fixed in no time. We also have a wonderful waiting area, with a working auto AC, for you to relax in while we fix your car. Getting your AC fixed could be as easy as getting a recharge or as complicated as replacing a condenser. Either way, you are in good hands and made the right choice by trusting Allman’s Automotive in Groveland MA.

Auto Heating Repair in Groveland MA

You wake up in the morning to a cool, crisp feeling in the air. You know it’s going to be a cold day. You look outside, and there is a beautiful dusting of snow on the ground. You’re ready to start your day. You get behind the wheel, crank the heater to max, and nothing but cold air comes rushing out of the vents. Maybe the engine is not warm enough, so you bear the cold for a few miles, and you try again. Nothing but cool air. It is time to bring your car into your local automotive shop to get your heater fixed, so you don’t freeze. Who better than Allman’s Automotive to get your warm and toasty in your car again. We are the professional experts when it comes to your car’s heating and cooling. We will ensure your comfort all winter long by fixing your car’s heater right away.

Auto AC & Heat Repair Near Me

Make an appointment with Allman’s Automotive today, online or by giving us a call, to get your car’s AC/heater fixed. We are here to fix any automotive issues you may encounter, from a worn belt or oil change to replacing a condenser or heater core for your auto AC system. For the best auto AC repair Groveland has to offer, bring your car to Allman’s Automotive.

FreeA/C Inspection


  • Test & record vent temperature
  • Inspect components for visible leaks
  • Gauge & record Freon pressures
  • Inspect hose fittings & compressor
  • Run performance test

Any additional parts and/or labor as well as Freon, extra. Cannot combine with any other offers. For a limited time only.


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