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Oil Change Frequency


The importance of checking your oil in between oil changes. Especially when you go more than 3,000 miles.



It’s true, we have finally gotten to the point where we could go 5,000 – 10,000 and in some cases 15,000 miles in between oil changes. 

This is mostly because of the increased technologies and the better designed oil galleries which improve oil flow through out the engine. Increased oil flow in an engine is similar to increased blood flow in the human body.  The end result is a longer and better quality life. 

When the engine oil flows more abundantly, the engine runs cooler and the end result is the engine oil last longer.

But something that hasn’t changed is the amount of oil an engine uses. 

Believe it or not, some manufacturers will tell you that from the factory their engine will use up to one quart per 1,000 miles and it is perfectly normal. 

So what does that mean?  

Well in the above scenario, if you went the traditional 3,000 miles in between oil changes, you could be up to 3 quarts low by your next oil change.  

While this is not the case with all vehicles, It’s definitely the norm for some and it’s worth mentioning. 

Most engines take anywhere from 5-6 quarts of oil,  so that would leave you with close to half the amount of oil that belongs in the engine. 

Most low oil light indicators will go on when the level is 1 1/2 quarts low,  but some won’t go on until 2 quarts or more. 

In my opinion, anytime you are a quart and a half our more low you are risking damage to your engine. 

So while we do love the fact that we are now able to go longer on oil changes nOw.  We need to be more conscience of the actual level. 

At Allman’s Automotive,  for a traditional oil change we like to see you come back between 3,000 – 5,000 miles. Mostly because it’s important to keep an eye on the oil level and other items in the vehicle. 

If you are comfortable with checking your own oil,  and follow your maintenance religiously, then going longer might be for you.  

We like to give customers a choice,  but not without them having knowledge of their vehicles condition and the quality of parts and fluids they are using. 

So should you go 3,000 or 5,000 or even longer in between your oil changes? 

I think it depends on the vehicle. Does it have many potential future problems?  

Much like our health, if we have a history of a lot of health issues that need to be monitored,  We need to visit our docTor a little more often to stay on top of things. 

A vehicle that has been checked over thoroughly and is found to need work or may need work soon will and should be monitored more clOsely. 

Which ever you decide, remember responsible car ownership will certainly keep more money in your pocket at the end of the day. 

Be safe guys. .. and

Happy Motoring!