Thinking of purchasing a new vehicle? Have you found one that you are interested in, but not sure if it is worth the asking price? 

We can help you with performing what’s called a PPI.

A PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspection) is the process of looking over a vehicle thoroughly prior to buying it, and is something that should be performed by a qualified and unbiased repair facility. Everyone should have a PPI performed prior to buying a vehicle. 

At Allman’s Automotive we can provide you with a very thorough PPI and give you the  information you need in order to be a more informed consumer when looking for a used car. We find that many people who do not have this service performed end up with BIG surprises and are often blind sided with expensive repairs after they own the vehicle and are out of warranty.

What does a PPI entail?

A PPI is often more than just looking it over, it also includes some research and some information. With using the cars retail, and private party values we could get a good idea of what kind of condition the seller believes it is in. We then take into account the cars history, records, and we have software that allows us to access common pattern failures with the vehicle. Having records on the vehicle is ideal, but if you don’t have any that’s usually not a deal breaker.

Performing a complete check over of the vehicle will help get some good insight of the overall condition of the vehicle. We make sure that all the modules in the vehicle are “clean” and there are not any pending or historical codes or errors that may pop up after your purchase it. We check all the accesories and equipment the vehicle has and confirm proper operation.

We check the brakes, suspension, front end, fluids and condition. We test drive the vehicle and get a feel for how it drives and listen for noises that shouldn’t be there.

We check for any current or potential leaks, and we look over for any recent repairs and the quality of them. 

We check the exterior panels, and check for proper fitment and any signs of the car ever being in an accident. 

We believe having a PPI performed by an qualified and unbiased repair facility is a must. If the shop or indivudual you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle from will not allow you to have it checked over by another professional then walk away. A PPI is common service that is done all the time, and if the seller is not  cooperating with allowing you to have it checked out, then they are most likely trying to hide something.

So the next car you are thinking about purchasing, make sure you have a PPI done, your wallet will thank you for it!