The Importance of Pre-purchase Inspections

The importance of pre-purchase inspections cannot be overstated. Even if you are looking at used cars on a dealer’s lot and these cars are certified, you should have a trained and independent eye inspect the vehicle. This ensures that the automobile is in excellent condition and will not break down anytime soon. It ensures that you are not buying a lemon.

Check Out the Vehicle

Make sure to take a good look at the vehicle yourself while you consider buying it. Inspect the exterior to see if you notice strange things like different paint colors. If you do, this can be a sign that the automobile was in a previous accident.

You should also inspect the tires to make certain that they have plenty of tread on them. In addition, if the tread is wearing down unevenly, there may be a suspension problem with the automobile. Also, make sure the tires do not have cracks or bubbles.

Check out the inside of the automobile, as well. Make sure the interior is in good condition. Also, check to make sure that all of the vehicle’s components are working properly. This includes things like the power seats and windows and the navigation system.

Take a Long Test Drive

You can test some of the components while you take the automobile out for a test drive. Do not just drive it around the block, however. Make sure to take the vehicle on an extended drive to see how it handles when it’s been driven for more than 15 minutes. It’s also a good idea to drive on different road surfaces to see how the automobile handles.

Keep an eye on the vehicle’s dashboard for any warning lights and to make sure all of the gauges are working. Make certain the engine does not start to overheat and that the tachometer needle is steady. You want to look for anything that is out of the ordinary while you are driving the vehicle.

Call Our Shop

Finally, call our shop to schedule an appointment so we can inspect the vehicle, as well. We will do everything we can to make certain that all of the vehicle’s systems are in excellent condition. This includes running a diagnostic test for hidden problems. If we come across any issue, we will let you know right away that this vehicle has a problem.

Make sure you are getting the right automobile. Call us today to schedule a pre-purchase inspection.

Photo by baranozdemir from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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