Allman's Automotive

Working Together on a Repair "Budget"

Working together on a * Budget * to properly Maintain and repair your vehicle.


Car repairs are often very expensive and always seem to be needed  at the most inconvenient times.

At Allman’s Automotive it is very important for us to convey the message that we  will work with you every step of the way to repair your vehicle the safe and correct way. We also understand the need to sometimes break the cost of repairs up into affordable sections. Let it be known that we will work with you in figuring out which items take precedence over others.

Many times we might find the cost to bring a vehicle up to date in maintenance and repairs can be very expensive. 

Safety related items, or components that can potentially cause bigger issues in the future are usually at the top of the list. While maintenance items (which are very important as well in order to prolong the life of your vehicle) may be further down on the list.

All in all, whether it is a safety related issue or maintenance/tune up issue they are both very important and should be taken care of in a timely fashion. We feel it is our job to help you get to the point of not having to worry about expensive repairs, and help you be more aware of the overall condition of your vehicle. What we have found is that customers that stay on top of maintenance and the overall condition of their car experience lower yearly car repair costs, and always seem to be ahead of any surprises with their cars. Having a reputable shop perform comprehensive routine check ups at least 2- 4 times a year is really all it takes to minimize big surprises with your vehicle.

At Allman’s Automotive, with every service or repair  we give you the original multi-point inspection sheet used to thoroughly look your vehicle over, as well as a printed invoice with the same information on it itemized. All notes and records are kept in our database, and allow us to better stay on top of future repairs or maintenance needed to keep your vehicle going.

By working together we truly believe that we can help you minimize expensive car repairs * with timely scheduled maintenance and routine thorough inspections Many times much like going to the doctors, having a check up on your car repair shop can be quite nerve racking. I think a lot of times people think that if they ignore maintenance, and the basic check up on their vehicle then no news is good news.